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[2001-03-10-MPPW-TV] Lance Cade vs Jack Dupp


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Dave Brown has the day off, so standing in for him is Jonathan Coachman.  ‘The Coach’ makes it clear that the only reason he is here is because Vince McMahon sent him as Memphis Power Pro Wrestling is very important to them.  That’s a pretty funny statement considering this is the final week of developmental talent in Power Pro.

Lance Cade has been doing a Magnum T.A. gimmick over recent weeks, beating job guys in a matter of seconds with the belly to belly suplex.  Coachman claims that they’re talking about Cade in the WWF locker rooms.  Bo Dupp jumps Lance from behind as he makes his entrance, slamming his head into the ring apron and then throwing him in the ring to his partner.  Well so much for this being Cade’s “toughest opponent to date”, catching Jack with the belly to belly in no time at all.  Corey tries to get a quick word with him after the win but Lance brushes past him, not stopping and ignoring his request.

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