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[2001-03-10-MPPW-TV] Russ & Charlie Haas vs American Dragon & Shooter Schultz


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Jonathan Coachman says that the Haas brothers are two guys that they’re very excited about (in the WWF) and within four to six months thinks the people will be seeing them on big time television.  Corey is giving them the Kurt Angle and Rock comparisons, in the sense of wrestlers who appeared first here in the studio but went onto become big stars in the WWF.  Double team slingshot shoulderblock on Shooter.  Dragon with a blind tag and the Kliq catch Russ with a double suplex.  Huge running forearm smash in the corner.  A seated Russ is repeatedly kicked in the back then the chest by Dragon.  Butterfly suplex by Shooter.  Dragon telegraphs the backdrop and gets launched courtesy of a Russ belly to belly.  As it looks like Russ is about to tag his brother, Shooter is in illegally, nailing Charlie on the apron.  The ref is doing his best to retain some sort of order but struggling.  The Kliq have Russ up for another double suplex, Charlie shoves the official aside and dropkicks Shooter in the back, Russ then floats over and rolls up Dragon for the win.

Good work but on the short side.  My comments from last week remain, about how can guys like Dragon and Schultz truly develop working such short tag team matches every week (fortunately we’ve seen Dragon in ECWA recently so know how great he already is).  It’s one thing for the Haas brothers who’re clearly being groomed to be a team on the main roster it’s another matter altogether for the Kliq.

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