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[2001-05-20-WWF-Judgment Day] Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit (2/3 Falls - Pin, Submission, Ladder)

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The first fall was a flash pin. The second fall was a competitive and enjoyable submission match. The third fall was a ladder match. Now I'm not a fan of ladder matches, but I was prepared to accept the stip for what it was. Those were the rules they agreed to before the bout and that was how the match was billed heading into the pay-per-view. I had no problem with any of that. But the finish... that was the softest finish they could possibly book. To me, it eradicated any enjoyment I had from the bout (which was basically the second fall), and made the 30 minutes I invested in it seem like a a waste of time. I don't care that it was screwy. I am accustomed to screwy WWF finishes. If you're going to end it with a run in, at least lay the guy out. Make it devastating, not chicken shit. This Benoit vs. Angle stuff is better than I remember wrestling wise, but whoever the road agent or booker was didn't put in their finest work 

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