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[2001-03-10-MPW] Samoa Joe vs Cincinnati Red (Hardcore)


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From the debut Millennium Pro Wrestling event.  Joe comes out swinging a cane, Red avoids the shot and snatches him with a head and arm suplex.  He then picks up that cane, blasts Joe with it before suplexing him on to it.  Headscissors over the top rope to the floor by Red!  Back inside Joe reverses the Irish whip, a clothesline turning Red inside out.  Spinebuster onto a metal sign, Red kicking out of the cover on two.  Joe hangs him upside down in the Tree of Woe and then places a chair in front of his face which he dropkicks.  As he searches for a table under the ring one of the commentators is wanting the referee to count him out, having to be reminded that this is a Hardcore match and there are no count outs here!  After Joe sets it up, Red blocks being suplexed from the ring through it, countering with a sunset flip powerbomb to the floor.  I think Joe was supposed to go through the table but Red’s heels actually go through it first.  The two are jumped by Prodigy and the Silver Tiger, however they fare terribly; Joe nailing Tiger with an enzuigiri at ringside while Red powerbombs Prodigy into the turnbuckles, a very early version of the Buckle bomb.  Red hurls a chair into Joe then collects a second table, struggling to find one at first, which he positions in the ring.  Prodigy tries his luck again but receives similar treatment this time out too. After taking care of him, Red rushes at Joe who catches him with a release over head belly to belly through the second table for the win.

Red is a deceptively agile guy and probably a bit before his time with things like Buckle bombs in his arsenal.  Fairly short match but always something different seeing Joe against his trainer and in this Hardcore environment.

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