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[2001-03-10-MCW-TV] Steve Bradley vs William Regal


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Just like last week, today’s episode of MCW TV again features matches that were taped at the big ‘Showdown at the Nuthouse’ event.  No Victoria with ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ here.  A proper collar & elbow tie up, Regal trying various little tricks as he tries to get the upper hand.  After backing Bradley into the corner he forearms him across the chest on the break.  They work things around a wristlock, Regal looking to wrestle his way out of the hold.  After Bradley keeps hold following the monkey flip and hammerlocks it behind his back, Regal is forced to fire off a few elbows instead.  Some big uppercuts, Regal having to ramp things up a notch or two when he realises that Bradley can go hold for hold with him on the mat.  They end up on the outside where Regal runs him into the ring post, the Southern champion busted open on that.  Regal climbs back inside, waving to the crowd, but every time Bradley tries to get in he just kicks him dismissively in the head to prevent him from doing so.  That happens on several occasions, to the point that ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ ends up pulling him out under the bottom rope to the floor again.  Unfortunately for him he takes a second trip into the ring post and then gets his head slammed into the title belt that was lay on the timekeeper’s table.  A similar situation when Regal returns to the ring; mock encouragement to join him, only as he’s about to he’ll get pummelled with punches or get another boot in the head.  Bradley with a shoulderblock. Regal blocks the attempted sunset flip, grabs him by the head and, using his knee, drives his face into the mat.  A couple of crossfaces across the bridge of the nose.  Belly to back suplex.  Bradley fires back only to be cut-off sharpish by a forearm.  He kicks out of the cover following a butterfly suplex, Regal then proceeds to cover him three more times, Bradley kicking out every time.  Kevin Kelly explains the psychology behind that, in that he is forcing him to expend energy by continually having to kick out.  A hard clothesline, Regal is now just rubbing his boot into the cut.  Bradley counters the Dragon screw with an enzuigiri, stunning his opponent, and he’s able to muster up some reserves to fight back.  Belly to back, clothesline, butterfly suplex, he’s mirroring what Regal did to him.  The Irish whip is reversed, Bradley keeps hold of the arm and hits Reno’s Roll the Dice to retain the Southern title.  Regal does attack him post-match even spitting on the belt before leaving.

Regal was outstanding here; everything about his performance, the way he carried himself, the way he treated Bradley, just perfect.  The wrestling at the beginning was great, then you had him ramping it up a few notches when he realised he had too, there was an underlying nastiness about him and you knew he could fuck Bradley up at any moment.  I’m like a broken record when it comes to Steve Bradley, but for the umpteenth time in PWO2K already, he really should’ve made it to the main roster.  After this I’m surprised that Regal didn’t go to bat or put in a word for him.  Really good match.

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