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[2001-03-10-MCW-TV] American Dragon & Spanky & Shooter Schultz vs Lance Cade & Joey Abs & Pete Gas


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The face trio rush to the ring, quickly overpowering an already in trouble Kliq who’re out to ringside looking to regroup.  Jason Sensation is up on the apron distracting Cade and Shooter sneaks up on him from behind.  Lance no sells Dragon’s chops, switches places and dishes out a couple of his own before clotheslining him out of his shoes.  Dragon escapes the Abs press slam and unloads with kicks to the chest but ends up getting hotshotted across the top rope.  Abs whips him into the corner however pauses before rushing in and a Dragon drop toe hold sends him crashing into the turnbuckle.  Spanky and Abs are a bit off on a couple of things as we then get our first look at Pete Gas after Joey misses an elbow drop.  Gas outmuscles Spanky on the attempted floatover DDT, just shooting him off.  Big powerslams for a two count.  He and Lance team up for a combination drop toe hold/elbow drop.  Sensation hooks Cade’s ankle from the outside and Schultz catches him with a release German suplex.  Dragon brings the intensity to his team; the knife edge chops, a hard uppercut, even just grinding his forearm into the face of his former Kliq partner.  Combination Russian legsweep/dropkick double team by Shooter and Spanky.  Schultz with a backbreaker, he then just holds Lance there, says something to his team mates on the apron before lifting him up and slamming him down to the mat.  Cade blocks the Dragon suplex by running Schultz into the corner but can’t follow up, getting dumped by a belly to back.  Dragon is in and he and Lance trade shots.  He runs into a Sidewalk slam as Abs and Gas provide encouragement from the apron.  Hot tag to Pete Gas who runs wild with the trusty clothesline.  Shooter breaks up a pin attempt, bringing in Joey Abs, however he’s caught with an exploder.  Spanky counters the Gas Mask, but as he looks for Sliced Bread #2, Gas counters that with an atomic drop.  He hits the Gas Mask, this time though it’s Dragon off the top with a flying elbow for the save.  The match has broken down, action going on both inside and outside of the ring.  Dragon ends up on the receiving end of a Diamond Dust like maneuver, while Spanky finally lands Sliced Bread, running up Pete Gas, who was backed up against the turnbuckles, in the process.  Cactus clothesline by Gas takes him and Shooter to the concrete.  Suicide dive by Dragon.  Tornado DDT by Spanky on Abs.  Spanky with a springboard plancha to the floor.  It’s one hot move after another here.   As the referee tries to deal with all those bodies at ringside Jason jumps Abs from behind.  The attack was pitiful and he remains the one black spot when it comes to the Kliq.  Abs presses him overhead and launches him out at everyone.  Back inside Gas backdrops Spanky into an Abs sit-out powerbomb, Lance then off the top with a leg drop and Gas makes the cover for three, everyone else taken care of and no-one left to make the save.  It sounds like Cade is using the New Blackjacks old music as that’s played as they celebrate the win.

Really good match and the final few minutes where they were busting out one hot move after another was fantastic.  Pete Gas isn’t in the same league as the other five but he held his own and certainly didn’t drag things down, in fact the only dodgy stuff in there was between Spanky and Joey Abs.  Lance Cade looks like a real star in the making.  Another strong episode of MCW TV, they’re making a habit of it at the moment!

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