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[2001-03-10-NWA Nashville-TV] Randy Orton vs Jason Lee


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This is the same Jason Lee who recently debuted in WCW, teaming with Johnny Swinger in the Cruiserweight tag team title tournament.  The opening few minutes is all very basic stuff worked around a side-headlock, Orton always returning to that hold.  Lee backs him into the corner and fires off some shots on the break.  Orton blocks having his head rammed into the turnbuckles then does the same to Lee.  Just like in last week’s TV we cut away mid-match so that they can plug some local house show.  Lee gets clotheslined to the outside and makes out as if he’s had enough as he sets off towards the dressing room.  He doesn’t get too far, Orton on his case and throwing him back into the ring.  Again he charges him, this time though Lee pulls down the tope rope and Orton sails out over it.  Bodyslam onto the concrete.  Lee with a clothesline followed by a legdrop off the middle.  The commentators are making fun of the old boy reffing as we go to a commercial break.  We return as Lee runs into a pair of Orton elbows.  Double clothesline and both men go down.  Lee is to his feet first, appearing to be the fresher of the two.  They trade punches back and forth, a big right hand by Orton decking his opponent.  Belly to belly suplex.  He catches Lee on the reverse crossbody and tosses him overhead with a fallaway slam.  As he looks for the full nelson slam, Flash Flanagan is out, on the apron and distracting him.  With his back turned, Lee wraps a chain around his fist and KO’s the unaware Orton for the win.

One of the longest matches of Orton’s career so far, it’s either this or the one at Christmas Chaos and is certainly longer than the matches he’s been wrestling in OVW.  Very basic throughout, although at this stage of his career it’s the kind of thing he needs to hone his craft.

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