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[2001-03-10-NWA Wildside-TV] Caprice Coleman vs Jimmy Rave


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Jimmy Rave is described as not only one of the brightest up and coming talents in Wildside but the wrestling world itself.  Rave gets fed up of Coleman ducking out the way of the initial lock up so opens up on him with some punches instead.  The action is fast and furious, Coleman taking to the floor to hopefully slow the challenger down some.  Jeremy Borash on commentary with Dan ‘the Dragon’ Wilson.  Nice leg trip by Coleman, but he then misses the elbow drop and in turn Rave misses the legdrop.  Rave avoids a near disaster on the backdrop, tucking his head in the nick of time.  Coleman sits Rave upstairs on the top turnbuckle.  The two trade shots, Rave getting the better of things, only for Coleman to then avoid his flying crossbody.  That was shot beautifully by the way, as if Rave was coming right through the TV screen.  Rave ends up on the outside where in between chatting to the front rowers Coleman puts the boots in.  Slingshot senton to the lower back. Short powerbomb.  Coleman slams Rave on one side of the squared circle, goes over to the other, and comes off with a springboard splash the full length of the ring.  Unfortunately for him Rave saw it coming and rolled out the way to the floor.  Headscissors take down by Rave.  The Shannon Moore sleeper drop, he makes the cover when out from the dressing room runs J.C. Dazz who attacks him for the DQ.  As it looks like he’s here to help Coleman, Dazz then attacks him too.  Everyone hits big dives to the floor, Coleman hitting this insane delayed top rope quebrada where he spends a second or two just stood on the top rope before leaping backwards. Security eventually shows up to separate the three of them.

Looks like we’ve got a three-way program brewing and this was about setting that up.  Rave still needs a change of ring gear.

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