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[2001-03-12-WCW-Nitro] Jung Dragons vs Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo


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Rumours abound that the new owners are going to be in attendance tonight, security surrounding three reserved seats where they’re expected to be sitting. The first semi-final in the Cruiserweight tag team title tournament.  Fast paced start with Skipper & Romeo jumping the Dragons.  Skipper’s Matrix move is cool, but it’s daft the way the other wrestlers wait for him to get back up, Shane Helms had the right idea on Thunder.  Kaz with a springboard kick to the back of Kid’s head.  ‘Primetime’ pulls his partner to the outside to avoid Yang Time, Yang though then off the top with a high plancha to the floor.  Twisting dive by Kaz.  Back inside Skipper jumps up out the way of a kick and launches Kaz with a double arm suplex.  He’s levelled by a spin kick but Kaz can’t make the tag, Romeo in to cut him off.  Rana on Kid and this time he does.  Yang is handling them both until he’s caught in the corner and planted with a double team powerbomb.  Kaz breaks up the cover but then he walks into Romeo’s Northern Lights Bomb, now called the Last Kiss.  Yang saves his partner and then does that version of the Ki Krusher that Ric Blade does.  After a bit of digging I think that’s called the Edge of the Blade, the commentators were going giddy on seeing it mind.  Running crossbody takes Yang and Skipper over the top to the outside.  ‘Primetime’ catches Kaz on the pescado and gives him a belly to belly on the floor.  Kid rolls out the way of Yang Time, Elix then with the Play of the Day and we have ourselves our first finalists.

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