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[2001-03-12-WCW-Nitro] Lance Storm & Mike Awesome vs Big Vito & Johnny the Bull


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Lance has noticed that the further they get from the Canadian border, the lower the I.Q. of the crowd.  With how far South they are tonight he believes there is every probability he has a higher I.Q. than the entire front row combined!  You would think by now he would be use to the Canadian national anthem being cut-off midway through.  Not so.  Vito claims that they’re going to take them back to the neighbourhood and do things “Italian style” so that they’ll never talk bad about the United States again.  Vito with a Cactus clothesline taking himself and Lance to the floor, joining Johnny and Awesome who are already going at it on the other side.  Awesome ducks a Vito clothesline and levels him with one of his own.  He throws Johnny into the ring where Team Canada work him over.  Lance is caught by a dropkick as he comes off the middle, both men then making tags.  Awesome is initially all over Vito until he catches a boot and gives him a side slam.  Double spinebuster by the Mamalukes.  As the ref tries to get Johnny out of there, Lance nails Vito with a missile dropkick.  It’s a proper struggle as he tries to get him up for the Awesome bomb.  I don’t know if he went heavy on him or what but Awesome is fighting to get him up.  Eventually he does, Awesome bomb and it’s over.  Team Canada continue the attack post-match, their opponents on the PPV, Hugh Morrus & Konnan making the save.  Quick match.

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