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[2001-03-12-WCW-Nitro] Shane Helms vs Evan Karagias


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Helms’s has got himself some new snazzy pants.  Tony Schiavone says there is a rumour going around in the back that Chavo Guerrero Jr went to Ric Flair and asked him to book Shane Helms to death in the lead up to the PPV.  On the contrary, Chavo has got the shows in the run up to the event off.  As Karagias drives the Cadillac, as they say, Helms explodes out the corner and rains down punches.  Sit-out powerbomb after catching Evan on the leapfrog.  Gut wrench suplex followed by a fist drop off the middle.  Karagias escapes the fireman’s carry and presses Helms overhead before dropping him into a spinebuster.  Top rope quebrada misses.  The Vertebreaker is countered, Karagias getting Helms in an Electric Chair, however Shane then with a Victory Roll for a near fall.  Back elbow by Evan as he takes over again.  He’s too slow heading upstairs and Shane grabs him on his shoulders, dropping him face first across his knee.  Sugar Smack.  Karagias reverses the Irish whip and dumps Shane with a wheelbarrow suplex.  Corkscrew splash.  Helms counters the inverted suplex and hits the Nightmare.  One Vertebreaker later this one is all over.  Chavo is out for a post-match attack, still doing his best to give himself every advantage come Greed.

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