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[2001-03-12-WCW-Nitro] Chris Kanyon vs M.I. Smooth


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Disqo is seen limbering up in the dressing room for his upcoming match with Kanyon when he’s approached by M.I. Smooth who wants him to step aside.  He finds that funny and tells Smooth to keep the limo warm and he can give him a ride back to the hotel when he’s done.  His words having no effect, Smooth then KO’s Disqo with one punch.  The acting here wasn’t of the highest quality.  Kanyon basically thinks Smooth stooged on him to the Cat so they’re feuding now.  Imagine going from a feud with Page to one with Smooth in under a month?

Kanyon enters first waiting for his opponent.  Disqo’s music starts playing, much to Tony Schiavone’s surprise after they saw him get KO’d in the dressing room, it is in fact though M.I. Smooth who’s hobbling out.  Smooth apparently has a herniated disc after Kanyon over turned his limo with a forklift the other night.  He should be getting a pretty big sympathetic reaction as he struggles to the ring although the crowd couldn’t care less.  Referee Billy Silverman tries to convince him to stay out of there but he tells him to get out of his way.  Kanyon boots Smooth as he is stepping through the ropes and then beats him down in the corner.  As well as this herniated disc Smooth has also supposedly got a concussion, a torn meniscus, a torn cartilage and broken ribs.  The story of this is Kanyon beating Smooth down and as he’s about to leave, Smooth will show heart get to his feet and Kanyon will go and pound on him some more.  This goes on...and on...and on.  Kanyon brings a chair into play which he dents over Smooth’s head courtesy of several hard shots, after each one though Smooth continues to stalk him down wanting more.  Eventually Kanyon just leaves and we don’t get an actual match.

I swear I heard crickets chirping throughout this until Kanyon involved the chair .  Why anyone would care about an angle involving Smooth I will never know. 

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