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[2001-03-12-WCW-Nitro] Diamond Dallas Page vs Rick Steiner


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Midajah got attacked in the dressing room earlier in the show, Scott Steiner has pointed fingers towards the Magnificent Seven thinking no-one else could’ve got to her so there is friction in the camp.  Scott is out after Rick, he says come Greed “Diamond Dallas White Trash” will join the likes of Goldberg, Kevin Nash etc. and wishes him “good luck” in surviving his brother.

We return from a commercial break and interesting to see that Scott hasn’t stuck around at ringside preferring to return to the back.  Discus lariat followed by a spinning uranage in the opening seconds.  Page clotheslines Rick to the outside and lands a pescado.  On returning to the ring he goes up top, however Steiner falls backwards into the ropes causing him to come crashing down to the mat.  Steiner is on the attack and it’s the usual dull, inspiring action out of him.  As he browbeats the referee Page pulls himself to his feet and fires back.  Rick hold onto the ropes to block the Diamond Cutter.  Top rope bulldog.  Tony Schiavone says they’ve gotten word there’s a problem going on backstage and sends Scott Hudson to go and investigate.  Page escapes the Steiner Driver and hits the Cutter.  As he crawls over to make the cover Road Warrior Animal runs out for the DQ.  Animal botches the powerbomb and he then “feels the bang “ too.  Totally Buff are next as we learn the commotion backstage was Booker T and the Cat getting jumped and seriously injured.  With his allies already taken out Page is all alone and helpless to the assault from the Magnificent Seven.  Doug Dillinger appears to have gotten things under control when Scott Steiner surprises DDP, cracking him with the lead pipe as he’s about to leave.  He puts him in the Recliner as we go off air.

Page tried hard but you’re treading water in any attempt to get something decent out of Steiner these days.

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