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[2001-03-12-WWF-Raw] Matt & Jeff Hardy vs X-Pac & Justin Credible


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Over/Under odds on Paul Heyman mentioning ECW?  Surely it’s a given with Justin Credible wrestling.  He notes that he’s a big fan of Matt &Jeff’s “extreme” attitude.  C’mon Paul you can do better than that?  Jim Ross seems to be favouring the challengers for this.  There we go, Heyman says that he probably knows Justin Credible, a former ECW champion and a multi-time ECW tag team champion, better than anyone else here.  I won’t be watching everything on Raw but I wonder how long he can keep this up for?  That’s three matches on the bounce for me already that he’s reference his old company.  Matt with a gut wrench suplex on Credible for an early near fall.  Pac kicks Matt in the back of the head as he hits the ropes, Matt responding with a right that sends Pac crashing to the floor, however he soon joins him out there, Credible clubbing him from behind.  Jeff has been drawn in and as the ref tries to get him back out to the apron Pac and Credible post Matt, Heyman saying how that one’s going to ruin Lita’s evening more than it is Matt’s!  Back inside a Pac spin kick drops Matt in the corner and he follows up with a bronco buster.  Credible goes for a baseball slide but ends up posting himself as Matt moves out the way.  Tag to Jeff and a double dropkick for the challengers.  Whisper in the Wind on Pac, Matt having recovered to help his brother.  X-Pac launches Jeff through the ropes at Lita, wiping her out, Matt then despatching of Pac.  Twist of Fate, Jeff is around for the Swanton and just as I’m literally writing that the Hardy Boyz retain, Albert drags Jeff from the ring to break up the cover.  To be fair they do retain, although by DQ rather than pin.  Albert singlehandedly takes out Jeff then Matt as we have the formation of ‘X-Factor’.

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