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[2020-06-28-Journey Pro/SLA-#60MinutesandChange] Jeremy Wyatt vs Fred Yehi


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  • GSR changed the title to [2020-06-28-Journey Pro/SLA-#60MinutesandChange] Jeremy Wyatt vs Fred Yehi

Pro wrestling just the way I like it. Rugged, intense, & straightforward with no shenanigans at all. Just when I was ready to give up hope on Independent Wrestling (especially after how David Starr went out), and thought that the spirit of Indie Wrestling was dead, I then see this match, and it reinvigorated some hope for me. This match was a true throwback to what Indie Wrestling was when I first became a fan of it around 2004. Then 15 minutes into it, Wyatt attacks Yehi with a chair, and I was like "Dammit... shenanigans". It's been a while since I've seen a Fred Yehi match as I remember enjoying his EVOLVE matches. Great mat wrestling, and limb work on each other's knees, hard hitting strikes, & devastating high impact moves. Yehi was in the lead at 2-0, and 40 minutes into the match he is now behind at 2-3. Wyatt does an excellent job dissecting Yehi's limbs, and paces the match in his favor to take command of the match. Yehi is really good in the fiesty underdog role. Right before Yehi tied up the score at 3-3, he got cut open around his left eye during a back & forth elbow strike exchange. Yehi's "second wind" burst of energy moment was awesome as they come under the 10 minute mark. Amazing drama building down the closing stretch. So much fun watching this match. This is what Indie Wrestling was built on. Love the job the commentators did on this match, they focused on what was going on in the ring, plugged in charities, and made NO MENTION of Mainstream Wrestling at all which made it even MORE fun. Yehi scored the winning pinfall with around 15 seconds left and won the match at 4-3. This match was incredible, and the 60 minutes flew by like it was nothing. Special thank you to PWO brother, SmartMark15 for this match recommendation. A legit 2020 Match of the Year Candidate. *****

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