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[2001-03-14-UPW-When Worlds Collide] Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels (Loser Leaves UPW)

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Sadly we only get a couple of minutes of clipped highlights, which is even more disappointing seeing as other ‘lesser’ matches from the same show are out there in full (i.e. Roadkill vs Keiji Sakoda!).  Daniels thinks he has the match won after hearing the three count following the Angel’s Wings, only it wasn’t the official who counted, it was Mikey Henderson.  The ref had got bumped moments earlier and was still out at this point, Henderson sneaking out and duping ‘the Fallen Angel’.  With Daniels celebrating, when the official comes around he tries to explain that it wasn’t him who counted the fall.  As he does so Joe nails Daniels with a step up enzuigiri.  Island Driver and Christopher Daniels is gone from UPW.  A brief “Na Na Na Na” chant starts up, which quickly morphs into a big round of applause.  He thanks the fans for supporting him and UPW and says how it has been an honour and a privilege to wrestle in front of them.

Eighteen months from now these two would go on to become huge players in the U.S. independent wrestling scene and Ring of Honor.  I take it Daniels had signed with WCW and this was his goodbye before starting full time.  Bet he had no idea how the lay of the land would change dramatically in just over a fortnight’s time.

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