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[2001-07-20-JAPW] Low Ki vs Homicide

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This was a sweet return match. It was wrestled in a tiny ass ring, so they worked the mat a lot. These guys bring the right amount of intensity to their bouts. I find their work just as believable as the big name WWF acts despite the fact they're playing to tiny audiences. This was going along perfectly until Xavier ran in and caused a disqualification. I was pissed because I was enjoying the bout. To me, it's lazy booking. If you did it every now and again it would have shock value, but it happens on a nightly basis with these American feds. As you can probably tell, it's starting to grind my gears. 

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Another great match in this feud marred by the crappy ending. Xavier has been impressive but he felt really show horned into this feud. I’m still hoping for some more long form Homicide vs Ki matches in the future as it’s still the current indie feud of the decade. 

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