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[1997-08-26-AJPW] Steve Williams & Gary Albright vs Mitsuharu Misawa & Jun Akiyama

Superstar Sleeze

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All Japan World Tag Team Champions Steve Williams & Gary Albright vs Mitsuharu Misawa & Jun Akiyama - AJPW 8/26/97

If you love lean, mean power wrestling, watch this, clocking in at under 10 minutes yes thats right an All Japan title match in under ten minutes, this will hit the spot. In 1997, Johnny Ace turned face because he is the beloved gaijin since Terry Funk because he is so awesome and became Kobashi's regular tag team partner. Dr. Death formed the Triangle of Power with Lacrosse (for some reason I think is a badass wrestling name, best known as Jungle Jim Steele) and Gary Albright. If you are a casual fan of 90s All Japan, you've probably been led to believe that Albright came into the promotion had a stellar match with Kawada where he lost in 1995 and never was heard from again, but you'd be wrong. I am shocked he only got one Triple Crown shot in his run, he was pushed and protected. Doc & Albright are an amateur wrestling dream team. 

Dr. Death & Albright just unleash hell on the Super Generation Army. Within seconds, Albright DEMOLISHES Misawa with a German Suplex. Fucking Brutal. Doc wastes no time coming in illegally and throwing Misawa down with a Powerbomb. Akiyama cant do anything. Albright throws the best Double Underhook Suplex I have ever seen in my life in this match. Doc looks to polish MIsawa off with a Tiger Suplex when Akiyama soars from the top and decks Doc. He runs back over gets the tag. Misawa hits a Tiger Driver and Akiyama a quick Snap German with a bridge but Albright kicks the leg out of the bridge. Dr. Death hits an explosive Spinebuster and the Super Generation Army is right back to square one. Albright throws Akiyama down with a powerbomb. Misawa has seen enough and goes on an Elbow Rampage. Akiyama tags out. Misawa is diving everywhere hurling his body off the top and through the ropes. He almost gets the Tiger Driver on Alrbight but Doc interferes and powerbombs him to hell. The Super Generation Army never recovers. Doc/Albright steal the Nodowa/BackDropDriver combo and hit it on Akiyama wiping him out for the rest of the match and while Misawa flips out of his attempt, Doc smokes with a Dangerous Back Drop Driver. Brutal Dragon Suplex by Albright ends it mercifully. 

This was a shit-kicking supreme. This is Head Drop All Japan at its zenith. It was Misawa taking a ton of punishment. I dont think Dr. Death would have been a great challenger for Stone Cold in the Attitude Era, but under ten minutes the dude could still go and was a powerhouse. Fun in a very brutal way. ***3/4

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