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[2020-07-08-AEW-Dynamite] Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy


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I checked this out as it was getting a lot of praise online, saying it was one of Jericho's best singles since joining AEW. This was probably the straightest that Orange Cassidy has ever played it. He does his pockets spot at the start of the match and he fakes out Jericho by starting his shin kicks shtick, before nailing him with a surprise superkick. OC is a decent babyface, he takes some nasty bumps into the barrier and get some decent-ish hope spots, with the best one being when he kicks out of the Codebreaker. This is a match that would benefited greatly by having an actual live crowd, as a lot of the reactions here sounded forced and inorganic. 


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I would put this on par with Orange Cassidy's PPV match vs. PAC, which means it was VERY GOOD. Jericho's lengthy heat segment works well between him delivering some nice punishment, and OC being great at taking that said punishment. That eventual big comeback ruled w/ that excellent jokey kick sequence into a REAL Superkick bit, and everything after that is also great with both guys looking strong. Great performances by both men overall. Definitely the best out of the 3 matches (Page & Omega vs. Private Party, 8-man tag, this) I watched from this show. ***1/2

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