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Demolition vs The Powers of Pain (WWF)


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Ironically, both of these teams were once perceived as WWF's response to the Road Warriors (although I believe that Barbarian & Warlord teamed together with Jim Crockett Promotions prior to jumping to the WWF) but that didn't make them less intimidating. The highlight of this rivalry being their double turn at Survivor Series 1988, it certainly took a lot of people by surprise at that time. This is the topic to talk everything Demolition vs Powers of Pain!

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Literally the only Demolition (Ax + Smash) matches NOT worth watching are the Powers of Pain ones. Every other rivalry either has good matches or something you can learn, with the only other real exceptions things like Bolsheviks (just as short TV squash or two), Orient Express (Supertape match where Demos eat them alive), or Young Stallions (Just not much there).

These are all 8 minute nothing matches that usually end in a DDQ or double count out. In general, the real value and worth of Demolition is to see how they vary their in-ring act against different opponents (they wrestle the Twin Towers differently than the Brainbusters; they wrestle the Killer Bees differently than the Hart Foundation) , but there's just nothing doing with the PoP matches. 

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