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[2001-03-14-WCW-Thunder] Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio Jr vs Shannon Moore & Evan Karagias


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Slight change of plan for this episode of Thunder.  The torrent I was using to download Thunder has a real bad tracking issue and constant flickering throughout on this show so rather than everything I’ll just be watching the stuff that is easily available on YouTube, sadly that means I miss Shawn Stasiak as well as the Hugh Morrus & Konnan tag team in action.  Every cloud and that.

The second semi-final match up, the winners going onto face Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo at Greed to crown the first WCW Cruiserweight tag team champions in four days.  Shannon starting out strong against Kidman.  Mike Tenay talks about how the remaining members of 3 Count don’t want to be overshadowed by their former partner, Shane Helms, who is also vying for Cruiserweight gold at the PPV.  Kidman avoids the slingshot senton and lands an outside in headscissors.  Hangman’s Noose neckbreaker.  Split legged moonsault by Rey.  He hooks Shannon under the armpits and takes him over the top to the outside.  The tag had been made but Rey stays in control of things.  As he looks for the tornado DDT off the springboard bodyscissors, Karagias drives him to the mat with a spinebuster.  Evan hiptosses Shannon onto Rey but they can’t keep the momentum, Kidman being tagged in when Rey hits the ropes.  Karagias pulls down the top rope and Kidman ends up taking a spill to the floor.  That brings in Rey, but as the official is dealing with him it allows Evan to whip Kidman into the steel guard rail.  Double team suplex/flying crossbody for a two count.  Even though Karagias is caught with his feet over the bottom rope to give him some additional leverage on the chinlock Charles Robinson doesn’t make him break the hold.  Kidman manages to free himself only to run into an elbow.  Middle rope bulldog and Rey is in for the save.  Evan with a springboard plancha but he’s nailed mid-air by a Kidman dropkick.  Hot tag to Rey who lands a springboard Thesz press on Shannon.  Lionsault.  Swinging DDT and it looked like he ended up having to kick out as Evan was late on the save.  Karagias just replaces his partner as Moore is lay there in the ring, not really moving and possibly legit hurt.  450 splash on Rey, Kidman breaking up the cover at the last split second.  Shannon is back to his feet, blocks the attempted Kid Crusher and hits the Bottoms Up, Rey doing the saving this time.  Rey backdrops Evan to the outside but gets caught by a spinning heel kick.  The Animals make the most of the two-on-one advantage, Rey leaping off the back of Kidman, who is on all fours, with a flying forearm smash.  As they go for the Nutcracker, Karagias crotches Rey while Shannon wipes out Kidman.  Rey fights off the top rope Frankensteiner and then connects on a Thesz press to the floor!  Great twisting dive by Shannon.  Kidman with a plancha out onto everyone.  Back in the ring Shannon counters the hammerlock DDT but is snatched as he walks the ropes and nailed by a Rey dropkick, the Cruiserweight tag finals set.  Skipper & Romeo are out to confront their future opponents and the teams aren’t prepared to wait for Sunday.  The Filthy Animals getting the better of things on this occasion the question is will they also come the Pay Per View?

The Filthy Animals were really good as usual and Rey is right up there with the likes of Eddy Guerrero and Chris Benoit as one of the best workers in the U.S. at the moment.

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