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[2001-03-14-WCW-Thunder] Alex Wright vs Jason Jett


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Another name change for the former E.Z. Money who we last saw in the Cruiserweight tag team tournament wrestling as Jason B (his shoot surname is Broyles).  The Boogie Knights are no more and Alex Wright is looking to branch out into the singles ranks.  This match is apparently “impromptu” having been requested by him, although not sure why he would be requesting a match against someone who has only had one previous appearance in the company and who’s existence he likely knows nothing of.  Tony Schiavone talks about the word “Skyfire” written on the back of Jett’s trunks, claiming that it’s because he likes to fly.  Well, I suppose he can’t really say that he used to wrestle as Steve Skyfire and he’s just wearing a pair of his old tights!  Wright catches him with a powerslam for a two count.  Jett gets whipped to the corner but leaps out over the top to the apron.  He blocks having his head rammed into the turnbuckle, rams Alex’s into it instead and then hits the Money Clip, which has been renamed the Afterburner.  Standing moonsault.  Jett misses a charge and straddles himself across the middle.  Wright sits him up top and lands the suicideplex, although Jett’s able to roll a shoulder on the pin due to a lazy cover.  Front suplex where he dumps Jett across the top rope before a running forearm sends him crashing to ringside.  Nice snap suplex, holding the bridge position for a near fall.  Alex runs into a back elbow, Jett goes for a reverse crossbody but just gets swatted away.  Jett ducks the clothesline and connects with the Tajiri handspring elbow, this one too now has a name, the Shockwave.  The two jockey for position in the centre of the ring, each reversing the other, Jett eventually hitting the Crash Landing release suplex for the upset win.

Maybe Alex should’ve requested someone like Dave Burkhead or Adrian Byrd as his opponent  for his return foray to the singles ranks.  Just a thought!

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