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[1997-03-23-AJW-Wrestling Queendom 1997] Manami Toyota vs Kaoru Ito


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This was the 6th of 8 matches at AJW's final Wrestling Queendom.  

Right off, Ito hits a German suplex and we get table spots from both women.  None of this matters though, these spots and all the submission holds get no sold until Ito smashes Toyota's leg in the railing.  This is the first part of the match that feels like they're actually going anywhere with a story and any kind of selling.  Toyota's boot even gets taped out on the floor by her team after a bunch of big moves.  But Jesus Christ, I wish Ito knew another leg submission besides a single leg crab, Toyota has to sit in like 10 of these in this match.  And so many footstomps!  Toyota definitely has some Sabu moments in this match as well, like almost completely missing that first table spot and crotching herself setting up a diving missile dropkick and Ito has to wait around to eat it.  Ito missing the diving footstomp to the floor sets up the finish with a ton of big moves.  Since this was a 30 minute time limit, the match is being teased as time limit draw, but Ito wins with a screwdriver-like move at ~29:30.  I thought this match was mediocre.  Ito was on offense a lot, and her offense, is...not good.  So many half-crabs, so many stomps, it just made the majority of the match feel like filler.

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