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[1985-04-03-AJW] Dump Matsumoto vs Chigusa Nagayo (Japan Grand Prix)


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This is during Japan Grand Prix 1985.  I'm watching this via AJW Classics.  Dump right away goes for Nagayo during her entrance, beating her up with a rod.  Streamers are still being thrown in during this beatdown through :lol:.  Dump hits a clothesline and a chin lock, and we get our first schoolgirl chant of CHIGUSA CHIGUSA.  Chigusa is able to win a striking exchange, but Dump takes over again and Bull Nakano & Crane Yu (who wrestled each other on this show) beat up on Nagayo.  Nagayo recovers and does a promo (I have no idea what she says), but the schoolgirls are screaming.  Test of strength, the girls are really into it, and Dump forces the ref to bump to Chigusa's running attack and the ref pushes Chigusa lol.  Dump gets the chain out and ties up Nagayo's left leg, and gets the rod again, and starts to really beat up Nagayo.  Dump struggles to stab Nagayo with the rod, but forces it into Nagayo's chest, bites her and gives her a piledriver.  After getting beat up by Dump's army on the outside, Nagayo gets the upper hand on Dump but she totally snaps by attacking the referee and beating Dump with the rod.  Nagayo gets DQ'ed.  The announcer says something that enrages Dump and she attacks another ref on the outside.  In total there was about 10-13 minutes of wrestling, most of it not being that competitive since it's practically a handicap match.

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