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[1985-01-05-AJW] Jaguar Yokota vs La Galactica


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Galactica is way more 'competent' here than the mask vs hair match, and she doesn't have Monster Ripper to bail her out this time.  Galactica takes advantage early using the post and brawling in the outside.  Galactica's teammates triple team Yokota and Galactica gets a rolling senton on the floor.  Galactica uses biting, rope burning, eye gouging, choking, and other heel tactics to control Yokota for a good amount of time until Yokota dumps Galactica to the floor.  Yokota with a tope and a kneeling piledriver on the floor.  Galactica takes back over using dirty tactics, and Yokota does a blade job.  Galactica gets running kick, a senton, a biting chin lock and power slam.  Yokota gets her babyface bridge out of the power slam pin and she hits a bunch of her signature moves.  Galactica take back over and we get another team up on Yokota.  Galactica locks in a bow and arrow and a camel clutch and chokes Yokota with a chair.  Galactica hits Yokota with the gavel for the bell to get a close 20 count on the outside.  Yokota gets in and gets some fiery offense but gets dropkicked on a crossbody.  Galactica with senton, another double team to set up a big power slam off the second rope for a huge near fall.  Galactica whips Yokota which is reversed and Galactica runs into the ropes, leaving her open to a tiger suplex for the win to retain the UWA Women's Title.  I thought this match was very good, but didn't reach the great match status.  The finish kinda felt like it came out of nowhere, but also made sense in the context of the match since Jaguar Yokota never really was on offense for a whole of time.  Jaguar's selling was very good, and even though Galactica lost and used her team to continue her advantage, she looked very strong.

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