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[1985-02-27-AJW] Jaguar Yokota vs La Galactica


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During the introductions, Galactica gets the nunchucks and goes right after Jaguar.  Jaguar is able to quickly get the nunchucks out the way and goes to rip Galactica's mask.  Jaguar dumps Galactica to the floor, and they both exchange in brawling with Galactica getting extra help and a chair shot.  Galactica goes on offense again in the ring, with head scissors to ground Jaguar and also biting.  Jaguar transitions to working Galactica's right leg.  Jaguar gets the stretch reversed from outside interference, and Galactica pounds away on Jaguar's face on a table.  When Jaguar tries to enter back into the ring, Galactica stomps on one of her hands and bites the other.  She, then, gets a series of near falls on Jaguar and then bashes Jaguar's skull on the ring post multiple times.  Jaguar eats two big slaps and gets stretched.  Jaguar is able to get Galactica against the ropes and works the body of Galactica and gets a huracanrana, two flying butt attacks, and the undertook suplex.  Jaguar goes for a flying move, but gets attacked by Rossy Moreno and Galactica starts pounding on Jaguar's right arm with the nunchucks.  Jaguar's right arm is now bleeding, and gets more abuse from a rod and biting.  Galactica beats up Jaguar on the outside, and continues working the work when back in the ring with biting and kicks.  Jaguar gets a quick transition to the figure four, her first amount of offense in minutes, and then we get a striking exchange on their knees which Galactica barely wins with kicks.  Jaguar gets stretched with a bow and arrow, slammed, and eats a senton.  Jaguar gets her babyface bridge and hits a delayed back suplex for a huge two.  Jaguar goes for another suplex and struggles with it, and gets reversed by Galactica into a bridging suplex for a huge two.  Galactica goes to the top but gets reversed into a superplex for a big near fall.  The schoolgirls are getting hyped!  Dropkick to Galactica which causes her to fall to the floor, and plancha by Jaguar!  And Jaguar barely makes it in for the countout victory to retain the UWA Title.  

This was easily the best Yokota/Galactica match I've seen, I thought it was great.  Galactica's rudo tactics were better here than in previous matches I've seen, and even the bloody arm was a much better visual than Yokota's blade job in January.  Jaguar is typical great Jaguar, her facials and selling is so good.  The ending and finishing stretch was also more satisfactory than the other matches also.  

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