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[2001-03-15-WWF-Smackdown] Chris Jericho vs D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley (Handicap, Tables)


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Kevin Kelly has been called to the Commissioner’s office as he has a message that he would like him to relay.  While he appreciates that Chris Jericho wants to be out there performing for the fans, he’s going about it in the wrong way, as interfering in other people’s matches is just not sportsmanlike.  Therefore could he inform Y2J that he has a tag team tables match against the Dudleys later in the show.  When Kelly questions as to who Jericho’s partner will be, Regal replies “no-one.”

Tazz doesn’t think that the Dudleys really want to be doing this but they’re just following orders (from the Commissioner).  D-Von starts for the Dudleys, who must tag in and out, so at least for Y2J he hasn’t got to battle against them with both men in the ring at the same time.  Regal is shown watching on the monitor in his office again.  Bubba drops a fist and tells D-Von to get the table.  Jericho avoids the shot in the corner and then dropkicks the table into D-Von after he’d placed it onto the apron.  He’s immediately back on the defensive though, running into a Bubba clothesline.  Bubba misses on the middle rope senton and Jericho tries to turn the tide with a spinning heel kick.  That doesn’t last long, Bubba rolling out the way of the Lionsault.  After the Wazzup headbutt D-Von returns to collect that table, Regal with an almighty smirk on his face.  Jericho can barely stand, but as D-Von picks him up for the superbomb, he flips over backwards, shoves him into Bubba and then clotheslines D-Von to the floor.  Top rope Frankensteiner, D-Von back inside to tip the table out the way in the nick of time.  Jericho blocks his inverted suplex attempt and hits a snap suplex of his own, this time Bubba pulling the table out the way before his partner is put through it.  Bubba starts tapping when he’s locked in the Walls, however there’s no submissions or no stopping things.  D-Von clubs Jericho to break the hold and then collects a second table from under the ring (I think they wiped out the legs of that first table when Bubba pulled it out the way).  Jericho gets 3-D’d through that, Regal describing the Dudleys win as “jolly good” and “wonderful!”

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