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[2001-03-17-WWF-Metal] Crash Holly vs Scoot Andrews


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I’d forgot that the WWF did the same thing with Crash Holly that they’ve done with numerous wrestlers over the years, eliminating one half of his name; here he’s going just as Crash.  Kevin Kelly acknowledges that they’ve seen Scoot Andrews before on Metal describing him as a “fast, quick” competitor. The match is pretty even until a Scoot tilt-a-whirl sit-out pancake, Molly selling the impact of that one from the floor.  Fallaway slam, however rather than following up he prefers to run his mouth at Molly.  Crash avoids a sky high legdrop off the top, the landing being anything but comfortable for Scoot.  The pace quickens as Crash connects on the flying shoulderblock, looking to build some momentum.  As he comes charging in though, Scoot with a drop toe hold sending him crashing into the middle turnbuckle.  He blocks the whip to the opposite corner by grabbing a side headlock and then runs up the turnbuckles coming off with a bulldog for the win.

Crash continues to be very giving, probably way more than he needs to be, to the opposition in these enhancement matches.

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