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[2001-03-19-WWF-Raw] Matt & Jeff Hardy vs Edge & Christian


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The Hardy Boyz were expecting to face the Dudleys but are surprised when they hear Edge & Christian’s music instead.  Edge says that he’s back, the Dudleys blew their chance and if they’ve got the guts, why don’t they put the tag team titles up against them instead?  D-Von initially defeated Christian in a singles match to earn this title match and Ross and Heyman are suspecting something fishy because it’s not like the Dudleys to miss an opportunity like this.  The Hardyz accept, going out to meet them in the aisle.  Matt takes the fight to Christian early, Edge grabbing his hair from the apron for the distraction as the challengers then take over.  I don’t want to go all Jerry Lawler but Lita’s looking hot here.  Short FIP section and Matt tags Jeff, quickly rejoining his brother on the offensive.  They go for Poetry in Motion on Edge but he pulls referee Jack Doan in the way who ends up taking the impact and getting bumped.  Lita with a leaping rana on Christian.  Twist of Fate for Edge.  Jeff hits the Swanton, he’s though then gored by a debuting Rhyno who had come through the crowd.  Edge crawls over to make the cover and we have new World tag team champions, E&C immediately going to celebrate with Rhyno.

After some adverts we see the three of them in the dressing room.  E&C tell Rhyno to go back to the hotel, they’re going to shower and they’ll meet him there.

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