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[2001-03-19-WWF-Raw] Edge & Christian vs D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley


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Apparently the Dudleys had some sort of plane problem earlier that meant they missed the title match against the Hardys, however have got one here against the new champions instead.  Edge & Christian don’t look much like the fighting champions that they proclaim, in no hurry to enter the ring.  Bubba ends up leaning over the top rope, grabbing Christian by the hair and dragging him inside.  This has barely got going and the crowd are already wanting tables.  Christian goes to the eyes and then throws D-Von to the floor where Edge slams him into the barricade.  Rude Awakening neckbreaker.  D-Von catches Christian as he comes off the middle with a clothesline before both men make tags.  Bubba runs through Edge and then nails Christian for good measure too.  Hot Shot on Edge.  Christian grabs himself a chair but is cut-off before he gets the chance to use it, JR saying how they’d love to get DQ’d just to end this.  Edge inadvertently spears his own partner when Bubba steps out the way, the Dudleys then hitting the Wazzup diving headbutt.  D-Von collects the table but as he lays it on the apron Edge dropkicks it into him.  Christian with a reverse DDT on Bubba.  As referee Tim White steps from the ring to try and sort out what’s going down on the floor with Edge, D-Von and that table, we have our second debut of the night in the shape of Spike Dudley.  Spike dropkicks the chair that Christian had just picked up into his face and then gives him the Acid Drop onto it.  Edge only realises what’s gone on too late and as he shouts something at Spike, who is already half-way back up the rampway by now, the Dudleys set themselves.  He turns right into 3-D and we can add two World tag team title changes for the night to go with two debuts.  Just like when E&C celebrated with Rhyno, the Dudleys are straight off to join their little “brother” for a celebration of their own.

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