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[2001-03-22-WWF-Smackdown] Raven vs Chris Jericho (Hardcore)


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Another week, another match for Chris Jericho set up by the Commissioner, this time he’s getting a shot at the Hardcore champion.  We get a recap from Raw where Y2J urinated in a pot of tea that he had prepared for the Commissioner, so Michael Cole finds it strange that he would be “rewarded” with the chance to potentially win another title.  I’m sure Mr Regal has got something up his sleeve... Raven, who regained the Hardcore belt with a victory over the Big Show on Monday, is pushing a shopping cart full of weapons as he makes his way to the ring.  We’re reminded that Jericho faces Regal at Wrestlemania, so there’s your answer.  If he gets hurt or injured here in this Hardcore match, with Mania only ten days away it’s unlikely he’ll have enough time to recover/heal up.  Raven picks up a trash can but Jericho springboard dropkicks it into his own face, Raven falling into the cart.  Jericho pushes him around ringside before flipping him over the barricade into the crowd.  They fight their way through backstage and into the Commissioner’s office.  Y2J, apologising to her first, hits Raven over the head with a photo of the Queen mother and then rubs his face into a tray full of cakes and crumpets.  Regal arrives and surprises Jericho, breaking a vase of flowers over him.  Raven waffles Regal with the tray of cakes and covers him for the three to retain the title.  Michael Cole wonders if Raven knew what he was doing and who he was attacking, what with his face covered in cream and the like.

We return from a commercial break to see an angry Regal setting a triple threat for Wrestlemania, Raven being forced to defend his strap against both Kane and the Big Show in a Hardcore match.

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