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[2001-03-22-WWF-Smackdown] Edge & Christian & Rhyno vs D-Von & Bubba Ray & Spike Dudley


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TLC II has been set for Wrestlemania; the Dudley Boyz defending the WWF tag team titles against Edge & Christian and the Hardy Boyz in a three-way Tables, Ladders & Chairs match.  Tazz puts over Spike, noting that he’s been around him previously and don’t be deceived by his looks as he’s one tough dude.  Bubba reverses the Irish whip and propels Christian with a high back drop.  Victory roll by Spike for a two count.  He’s back on his shoulders, looking for a huracanrana, however Christian staggers towards his team mates where Edge, from the apron, clotheslines him across the top rope.  Tag to Rhyno who takes Spike’s head off with a clothesline.  He whips him into the corner where he gores him up against the turnbuckles.  They continue to get the heat on Spike, his attempts to fight back stopped by an Edge forearm.  Edge ties him in the ropes and launches himself at him with a running crossbody.  Spike avoids the middle rope elbow drop and makes the hot tag to D-Von.  D-Von is all over Edge & Christian, getting the first shot it on Rhyno too when he looks to enter the fray.  Rhyno does eventually stop his momentum, all that does though is bring in Bubba.  The Dudleys hot shot Rhyno and give him the diving headbutt.  D-Von gets the table, which he sets up, Christian moving it out the way to save Edge being flapjacked through it.  He places the table upright in the corner while Edge gets hold of a chair that he cracks Bubba in the back with.  Referee Tim White calls for the bell, because apparently it’s perfectly fine to bring a table into the ring and try and put your opponent through that, a chair, er err, that’s game over.  Hard chair shot to the head of Bubba and one for D-Von.  Spike is up from his earlier beating, dropkicking Edge in the back before grabbing Christian for the Acid Drop. After what happened Monday though he was prepared and shoots him off.  Spike ducks the Conchairto but gets gored through the table, folded up and left in a mass of broken wood.

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