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[2001-03-24-WWF-Metal] Essa Rios vs Low Ki


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After describing Essa Rios’ credentials, Kevin Kelly calls Low Ki “a tremendous light heavyweight competitor in his own right,” as well as mentioning that they have seen him before on Metal.  Maybe it’s because we’ve been following his career but you can tell Ki is something different just by the way he carries himself and moves in there.  A basement dropkick takes Essa’s legs out from under him, Ki then drills him with two hard kicks to the chest followed by a third to the side of the head that draws a gasp from those watching.  Kelly talks about all the young competitors wanting an opportunity to be in the WWF and Low Ki is proving that he belongs.  Ki runs into a big boot, but as Rios sits himself on the middle for something he’s cut-off by a Tidal Crush that sends him tumbling to the floor.  Dr Tom and Kelly go all gooey about that, the spot even gets the ‘Double Feature’ replay treatment.  The match has been 90% Ki and he looks real good.  He goes for a second Tidal Crush but this time Essa nails him with a spin kick to the mid-section.  A big powerbomb, he then lands that gorgeous moonsault to put Ki away in what was a very competitive match for him.  Even in losing Kevin Kelly continues to put Low Ki and his performance over.

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