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[2001-03-25-WWF-Sunday Night Heat] Matt & Jeff Hardy vs Taka Michinoku & Sho Funaki


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Quick recap of Raw where the Hardyz lost the tag team titles to Edge & Christian due to the interference of the debuting Rhyno.  There is some awful “comedy” in the dubbed Taka promo, saying that he thinks Jeff is cute, before correcting himself and saying he meant Lita and that she makes him want to sing.  What cool, current song does she make him want to sing?  An adapted Beatles number from 1967!  Indeed!  Funaki nails Matt with a dropkick and then starts jumping around like he’s already won the match.  Matt grabs him and throws him into the corner where he unloads with punches.  Tag to Jeff, the brothers double teaming him in their own corner.  Funaki catches Jeff with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and then slugs Matt on the apron.  I thought that was leading to some double teaming by Kaientai as the ref tried to prevent Matt from getting in there, it doesn’t, Jeff just giving him a jawbreaker.  I wonder if Taka is injured and he can’t wrestle as that was very strange psychology.  After a double legdrop both men make tags.  Matt with a gut wrench suplex on Funaki and a middle rope legdrop for Taka.  Jeff rejoins his brother in there, tossing Funaki out to the floor.  He drags Jeff out with him but is then caught by a Lita huracanrana off the ring steps.  Poetry in Motion on Taka.  Twist of Fate, Swanton bomb and this one is over.

The matches on Metal are more competitive than this was!

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