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[2001-03-26-WWF-Raw] William Regal vs Crash & Molly Holly (Handicap)


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Doink is seen in the crowd as they talk about the Gimmick Battle Royal at Wrestlemania.  Interestingly we see a graphic for the match and in that graphic is a picture of Corporal Kirschner, who ended up not being part of it.

Jim Ross has been informed that William Regal has a tune-up match next, although hasn’t been told who his opponent will be.  Regal is out, and being their WWF Commissioner he has something very important to tell the fans concerning W...C...Fields, someone who said the only cure for insomnia is sleep and he will not sleep or rest until he is the new Intercontinental champion!  Tonight, for his warm up match before Wrestlemania XVII, he is going to fight someone from a very prestigious wrestling family, the Holly’s.  Well that announcement went down like a lead balloon, met with absolute silence.  Crash takes exception to being seen as someone’s stepping stone and as he passes the Light Heavyweight title to Molly Holly, Regal corrects him, saying that he’s got it all wrong and he didn’t mean him.  He then clubs Crash from behind and drags Molly into the ring.  The bell rings to start the match, Regal immediately tripping her and putting her in the Regal Stretch.  Crash is back to save his cousin, but Regal slugs him and then puts him in the Stretch.  As he taps, from the crowd comes Doink for the save.  After a flying forearm Doink locks on the Walls of Jericho, Heyman not buying for one bit that he suddenly learned the move and become a good wrestler!  The crowd are chanting for Y2J and he rips off the wig to reveal they’re right.

Jonathan Coachman grabs a post-match word with the Commissioner, the Coach appearing to find it amusing that Jericho once again got the better of him.  Regal responds to what just happened by putting Y2J in a non-title match against the Big Show later in the show.

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