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[2001-03-26-WWF-Raw] Chris Jericho vs Big Show


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Y2J’s punishment for interfering in Commissioner Regal’s “tune-up match” earlier in the night.  When Show climbs up onto the apron he’s met by a springboard dropkick, Jericho wanting to get a quick start.  He leaps off the apron at him, however is caught and run into the ring post.  Show whips him hard into the corner but then misses the Vader bomb as Y2J rolls out the way.  Jericho low blows his way out of the Final Cut and a running crossbody takes both men over the top rope to the outside.  Show presses him back inside, however before he can get back in himself he’s jumped by Kane who slams him into the ring steps.  Raven is out carrying a trash can lid and he makes a beeline for Kane.  Jericho lands the Lionsault but referee Tim White has his back turned, trying to deal with what’s going on on the floor.  The Commissioner is next out, giving an unaware Y2J the Hangman’s Noose neckbreaker.  Show follows up with a chokeslam and he picks up the win.

It feels like the matches are a bit of an after thought this evening, the big business being the purchase of WCW.  All three that I’ve watched have been on the short side, although all three did at least tie in with what’s going down at Wrestlemania, things just slowly chugging along until the event.

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