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[2001-03-29-WWF-Smackdown] Chris Benoit & Test vs Kurt Angle & Eddy Guerrero


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These teams will face each other in individual matches at Wrestlemania; we already learned that Benoit would meet Angle on Raw, now it’s been announced that Test is to defend the European title against Eddy.  Kurt and Test kick things off, Angle tagging out to his partner the moment he gets Test down.  Eddy starts running his mouth as he lays his shots in but Test reverses the Irish whip and launches him high, Eddy coming down chest first to the mat.  Powerbomb for a two count.  As Test hits the ropes Kurt clubs him from the apron, stopping his onslaught, Eddy then flooring him with a clothesline.  Angle low blows his way free when he’s snatched in a full nelson and applies the ankle lock.  Test is clearly tapping although the ref is not calling for the bell for some reason, only stepping in when he crawls to the ropes.  Nice, Kurt takes a page out of ‘the Crippler’s’ playbook with the rolling Germans.  Double clothesline sees both men go down.  Each makes the tag, Benoit on a rampage.  He gets his hands on Angle but only manages the one German before Eddy is breaking things up.  Test obliterates Eddy with a big boot which looked and sounded fantastic.  Kurt tosses him out to the floor and he quickly joins him courtesy of a Benoit double sledge.  ‘The Crippler’ and Eddy back into one another and when Guerrero swings Benoit grabs the arm, taking him down and locking in the crossface forcing the  tap.  Although the match is over Benoit isn’t letting go.  Angle, from behind, then puts him in the ankle lock which causes Benoit to tap, meaning that after what happened on Raw it means that both men have now forced the other to tap to their submission.

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