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[2001-03-29-WWF-Smackdown] Matt Hardy vs Rhyno


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They must have a ton of those Wrestlemania X-7 jerseys that they’re looking to shift going by the number of wrestlers who have been wearing them these past couple of weeks.  No Lita with the Hardyz tonight, still selling the effects of the Gore she received on Monday.  Rhyno is an intense individual for sure.  He runs into a big boot and the bump he takes off that is tremendous.  Matt is up to the middle, however not quick enough, Rhyno hammering away on him before joining him up there for a superplex.  That is blocked and Matt fires away with rights as Rhyno falls to the mat.  Flying clothesline.  Edge & Christian, who’re seconding Rhyno, are up on the apron but Matt slugs both, before sidestepping the Gore as Rhyno goes crashing into the ringpost.  Twist of Fate.  Edge is trying to get in to help his buddy which leads to Jeff also becoming involved.  As the referee is dealing with those two, from the other side comes Christian who gives Matt the Unprettier and Rhyno then covers him for the quick victory.  E&C grab a ladder from under the ring but get nailed from behind by a chair swinging Jeff.  The Hardyz run the ladder into Rhyno before Matt Twist of Fates him onto the chair and Jeff hits the Swanton.  Someone didn’t like hearing Matt telling his brother to “get the tables,” the Dudley Boyz sprinting to the ring.  They briefly go at it with the Hardyz and after despatching of them put Rhyno through a table, both teams having now got some sort of revenge on ‘the Manbeast’ over what he did to Lita and Spike respectively.

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