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[2001-03-17-MCW-TV] American Dragon vs Rodrageous


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A good test of Dragon’s ability to see what he can get out of Rodrageous in comparison to what Spanky did on Power Pro last week.  Rodney takes a kick at Jason Sensation, who’s at ringside, allowing Dragon to get the jump on him.  Whip to the turnbuckles is reversed and Rodney with a high hip toss out of there.  Nice arm drag followed by a high inverted atomic drop.  Release snap suplex and Dragon takes to the floor, letting everyone know that he’s had enough and they’re out of here.  They don’t get very far mind, Rodney hot on their tails.  He whips Dragon into the ring post but is slow getting back into the ring himself, Dragon using that to seize the initiative.  Some of those Tojo Yamamoto like chops of his!  Rodney botches taking a jawbreaker.  Step up enzuigiri by Dragon.  Huge running forearm smash in the corner.  Fallaway slam with bridge for a two.  David Jett talks about how Dragon has been studying the Japanese wrestlers like Kawada and Misawa, maybe even Giant Baba and Kamala too!  Some lame, weak ass interference from Jason, Jett even picking up on it saying he doesn’t know how much damage he’s doing.  Dragon runs into a back elbow and Rodney catches him with a neckbreaker, he really hams that move up.  Both men are down as Sensation tries to encourage his man.  Rodney starts his comeback with Dragon bumping and feeding for him.  He lifts him up as if for a vertical suplex but drops him onto his shoulders.  As he then spins him around referee Charlie Miller gets wiped out by the flailing legs.  The Kliq run interference, Shooter Schultz hitting a T-bone suplex and Spanky with a frog splash, however Rodney gets a shoulder up after Dragon had crawled over to cover him.  Rodney ducks the roaring elbow and lands a float over DDT.  Shooter is on the apron holding Millers attention but instead of going after him Rodney decides to nail Jason who is minding his own for once.  Dragon connects on the roaring elbow at the second time of asking, a second frog splash from Spanky and this time that is enough to put Rodrageous away.

I preferred this to Rodrageous’ match against Spanky, but that initial optimism I had for him as a single is diminishing with each passing week.  The finish was overbooked and I’m starting to think that outside of Lance Cade they’ve already made their minds up about the remaining Kliq members, it taking four of them here (if you include Jason Sensation) to beat a bottom of the card guy like Rodney.

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