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[2001-03-17-MCW-TV] Lance Cade vs Jack Dupp


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Just like last week’s match between these two on Power Pro, Bo Dupp jumps Lance Cade from behind on his entrance, unlike last week though the bout doesn’t end a matter of seconds later via a belly to belly!  Bo clips out the knee and throws Lance inside for his partner where the two of them double team him, attacking that leg.  The referee eventually throws Bo out of there, although only after the damage had been done.  Single leg crab by Jack.  Figure Four leglock.  Despite his recent run of quick victories David Jett is writing off Cade’s chances tonight.  Lance gets to the ropes to break the hold and picks up a near fall by cradling Jack as he looks for a spinning toe hold.  He fires back and goes for a bodyslam however falls to the mat, unable to put any weight on that leg.  Jack continues to target the knee, wrapping it around the ring post.  Cade connects on a desperation superkick but can’t follow up.  The two trade blows in the middle, Lance still selling his leg.  He gets on top and unloads with punches in the corner.  Jack counters the attempted bulldog, just shooting his opponent off.  Lance runs into an elbow but then catches Jack with a sidewalk slam which puts him down for the three.  Bo is back although meets a similar fate as his partner, laid out by a second sidewalk slam. 

There was a definite feeling with the way they were both left laying that this was the end for the Dupps and we won’t be seeing them again in Memphis. 

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