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[2001-03-17-MCW-TV] Russ & Charlie Haas vs Shooter Schultz & Spanky


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A Southern tag team title match, Jason Sensation having guaranteed the titles will be back around the waists of the Kliq.  Lovely dropkick by Charlie and an even lovelier arm whip followed by an armdrag take down.  Spanky is tagged in and doesn’t fare much better.  Tilt-a-whirl slam.  Slingshot somersault shoulderblock by the Haas’.  Russ does this forward roll into a dropkick which is a bit cute for my liking.  Shooter pulls down the top rope as he hits them and as Charlie tries to tell the ref what just happened, Spanky wipes his brother out with a pescado.  Combination dropkick/Russian legsweep.  Schultz draws Charlie into the ring, the more ill tempered of the brothers according to David Jett, and they double team Russ behind the official’s back.  Backbreaker, Shooter keeping hold of Russ and dropping him with a side slam.  Charlie is drawn in for a second time, really playing into the Kliq’s hands here.  Slingshot elbow drop by Spanky.  Russ reverses the whip to the corner and catches Shooter as he rebounds out, launching him with an overhead belly to belly.  Both men go down but both manage to make the tag at the same time.  Charlie takes it to the Kliq, Shooter breaking up the cover after a scoop powerslam on Spanky.  Double team tornado DDT by the Kliq and now all four men are in the ring, the American Dragon having also made his way out to ringside.   Charlie with a Michinoku Driver.  The brothers go for Total Haastility but Dragon grabs Russ’ arm on the handspring and drags him to the outside. Jason accidentally clocks Shooter with one of the title belts, when he was holding Charlie who ducked out the way of the shot, before Dragon is caught with an inverted atomic drop as he comes off the top rope.  Banana split/flying elbow double team on Dragon.  Spanky goes for Sliced Bread on Charlie however he blocks that and passes him to Russ for a sit-out powerbomb.  Total Haastility at the second time of asking and the champions retain.

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