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[2001-03-24-MCW-TV] Spanky vs Rodrageous


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Rodrageous sprints through the curtain in what is a ridiculously fast paced start.  Butterfly suplex.  Inverted atomic drop followed by a clothesline and Spanky is out to the floor to either regroup or try and work out what’s just hit him.  He brushes off Spanky’s outside in headscissors and it is only down to the interference of Jason Sensation, who hides under the ring and grabs Rodney’s ankle after he’d chased after him, making him a sitting duck for the Spanky baseball slide, that gets Spanky a foothold in the match.  Pescado.  Leg lariat, Roddy kicking out of the cover at one.  Drop toe hold followed by a legdrop across the back of the neck.  Rodney starts firing back so Spanky yanks him by the tights through the ropes to the outside.  Jason’s shot have zero effect but Spanky is down and Rodney ends up taking a trip into the ring post.  Slingshot elbow drop.  Someone really needs to have a word with Jason to calm it down a touch, he is constantly OTT all the time.  Roddy catches him with a deep powerslam although neither man is able to keep the advantage for too long.  He flips over on the attempted Sliced Bread and hits the Regal Hangman’s Noose neckbreaker.  I seem to be seeing that everywhere at the moment.  As he heads up top Jason grabs his leg but Rodney just kicks him off.  High Society and that’s the win.

Spanky going down clean to Rodrageous?  The writing is on the wall for the Kliq.

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