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[2001-03-24-MCW-TV] Steve Bradley vs Lance Cade


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Southern Heavyweight title match, Lance Cade getting his first shot at the championship.  David Jett says this title is the stepping stone for greater things in the World Wrestling Federation, referencing William Regal and K-Kwik as former champions.  It may have been a stepping stone for those guys, but not so poor Steve Bradley.  Cade has earned this opportunity after racking up a number of impressive victories over recent weeks.  Bradley is already resorting to short cuts like grabbing the hair to remain in control.  Victoria is up on the apron and that provides the distraction the champion needed, however Lance rocks him with a flying forearm followed by a pair of dropkicks.  He measures him with left hand jabs before a big boot gets him an early two count.  As he hits the ropes, Victoria pulls the top one down and he goes sailing out over it to the floor.  She then grabs him by the pants and throws him into the ring post, all while Bradley is keeping referee Charlie Miller occupied.  Swinging neckbreaker for a two.  Rear chinlock, Bradley digging his knee into Lance’s back.  Victoria continues to provide outside interference, choking the challenger  and even hitting a slingshot somersault legdrop, although Cade is able to kick out of everything they throw at him.  Bradley runs into a big boot and Lance comes off the middle with a flying bulldog.  Superkick.  Flying crossbody for a near fall.  He telegraphs the backdrop and Bradley with an up kick.  Victoria throws him her boot but Cade ducks the swing and unloads with punches.  As Miller gets between the two to separate them, Victoria wallops Lance with her boot.  Bradley then covers his KO’d challenger, putting his feet over the bottom rope to make doubly sure.

Good TV match and Lance Cade looks like a champion in waiting, Bradley pulling out all the stops just to get out of there with the title.

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