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[2001-03-24-MCW-TV] American Dragon vs Tyler Gates


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I believe this is our first look at Tyler Gates who is announced as being from Tampa, FL.  I don’t think he is a WWF developmental guy, although does have the look they tend to go for.  Also, it would be strange from a Florida native to show up in Memphis if he’s not under contract to them.  Dragon seems surprised by Gates who, while not as smooth, appears to be able to hold his own in the wrestling department.  Some added info from David Jett who says that Gates is out of the Steve Keirn wrestling school.  He catches Dragon with a flying headscissors, which was a bit of a wake up call for him, and the sign to get more aggressive.  Nice looking pin attempt off the Russian legsweep.  Dragon holds onto the ropes on the O’Connor roll and takes Gates’ head off with a Mafia kick.  Gates escapes the butterfly underhook and hits a single arm DDT.  Overhead belly to belly for a two count.  Belly to back suplex, driving Dragon backwards to the mat.  Dragon hops through the ropes out to the apron to avoid the charge and then lands a springboard shotgun dropkick.  The roaring elbow puts Gates away in what ended up being more of a test than he probably expected.

Gates appears to have a fair bit of potential although neither cagematch nor wrestlingdata have any record of him.

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