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[2001-03-24-MCW-TV] Russ & Charlie Haas vs Shooter Schultz & Seven


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Jason Sensation and Spanky are playing thumb wars in the dressing room when they’re joined by Shooter Schultz.  He says how he was upset that they didn’t win the tag title belts but has negotiated a rematch.  Spanky and Jason are excited about the prospect, however Shooter clarifies that “he” has negotiated a rematch, and after how things panned out last week he’ll be finding his own partner tonight.

As Shooter is lacing up his boots he’s approached by Just Joe, offering his services.  Despite having held titles all around, he’s turned down, Shooter saying that he’s already got a partner.

We hear from the Haas brothers who say that it doesn’t matter who Shooter Schultz gets to be his tag team partner.  They then make an open challenge to anyone who thinks they can take the title belts away from them and that includes the soon to be arriving Christian York & Joey Matthews.

The mystery partner turns out being Seven, David Jett reminding us that it was he who was responsible for bloodying up the Haas’ the night they won the tag titles, Shooter wanting someone who is all business and who doesn’t clown about like Spanky does.  It sounds like the brothers slingshot shoulderblock that they do has been renamed Cannonball Express.  So much for Seven being a difference maker as the match has been all the Haas’ so far.  Shooter goes for a cheap shot as Russ is about to hit the ropes but he slides between his legs to the outside and pulls him off the apron.  He does get him the second time of asking, hooking an ankle from the floor allowing Seven to drop an elbow to the back.  David Jett is hyping the arrival of Christian York & Joey Matthews who it sounds are going to be plugged straight into a feud with the Haas’, which should provide some good matches.  The challengers with the heat on Charlie.  Seven with a modified abdominal stretch where it looked like he didn’t really know what to do.  Double underhook suplex by Shooter.  When he heads upstairs I think Russ shakes the ropes causing him to crotch himself, although it happens off camera and you don’t see it, so it just looks like he lost his balance.  Superplex by Charlie who then tags his brother.  Spanky and Jason Sensation have made their way down to ringside to cheer on Shooter.  After Schultz breaks up a pin attempt following a big Russ powerslam, all four end up slugging it out in there.  Spanky throws Shooter his Light Heavyweight title, but he doesn’t want it and throws it back to him.  As he questions what he’s even doing out here, he then turns into a superkick.  Total Haastility and the champions retain.  Shooter is beside himself over Jason and Spanky costing him the titles for the second week in a row, Jett wondering what this is going to mean for the Kliq.

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