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[2001-03-31-MCW-TV] Russ & Charlie Haas vs Spanky & Jason Sensation


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Spanky and Jason Sensation are goofing off backstage again, this time having a staring competition.  When Shooter Schultz arrives they apologise for screwing up last week, however he tells them not to worry about it as he has a surprise in store and to just head to the ring and he’ll bring it out for them.

David Jett is the deliverer of bad news, letting the Kliq know that the surprise Shooter has arranged for them is a Southern tag team title match against the Haas brothers.  Rodrageous is providing guest commentary for this bout.  Crazily Jason starts out for his team, although it might as well be a fly throwing forearms at Charlie for all the effect they have on him.  His dropkicks don’t even move him, let alone stagger him and Charlie just palms him backwards into his corner.  Spanky fares no better, it’s only when Jason pulls down the top rope as Russ hits it, sending him crashing out to the floor, does it look like they might pose the champions a modicum of a threat.  Pescado by Spanky.  Slingshot elbow drop back inside and after dropping a leg across the back of the neck Jason is fancying his chances again.  His shots again have no effect so he tries a different approach of wanting to be friends!  Fortunately he’s close to his own corner so he can tag Spanky.  Tornado DDT off the turnbuckles, rather than make the cover himself he let’s Jason take the glory.  Well he would’ve if Russ hadn’t kicked out at one!  Russ tees off on Jason who’s selling is dreadful.  A clothesline turns him inside out and Spanky doesn’t even bother to wait for a tag.  He gets tossed to the outside leaving Jason against both of the brothers and it’s a formality from here

It’s painful watching Spanky being treated as an opening match comedy figure.

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