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[2001-03-31-MCW-TV] American Dragon & Shooter Schultz vs Lance Cade & Pete Gas


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David Jett drops hints that the Kliq aren’t probably long for the world, saying how Shooter Schultz sacrificed Spanky and Jason Sensation to the Haas brothers.  He hasn’t fallen out with the American Dragon though, at least yet.  Combination drop toe hold/elbow drop to the back and Dragon is in for the save.  Cade no sells Dragon’s chops, tells him to “bring it on” and then switches positions to dish out some of his own, forcing Dragon to go to the eyes.  He fires off some forearms but runs into a raised boot.  Short clothesline.  Shooter knees Gas in the back as he hits the ropes and he makes the mistake of turning his back on Dragon, who dropkicks him in the knee, to take a swing at him.  I’m getting pretty tired of seeing the heel team get the advantage and turn tag matches around by having the man on the apron strike an opponent in the back as they come off the ropes.  The Kliq target Gas’ left leg, even making use of the ropes to bend it around.  Leglock/toe hold submission, Dragon kicking Gas in the head with his free leg.  Indian Deathlock, Shooter providing added assistance from the apron as the referee checks to see whether Gas wants to give.  Dragon transitions to the Muta Lock before letting Shooter try his luck with a half crab.  With Gas backed into their corner the Kliq take it in turns to chop his chest.  Dragon is back on that leg but Gas is eventually able to catch Shooter with a spinebuster and hot tag his partner.  A great looking release suplex into a sit-out powerbomb on Dragon.  Shooter breaks that up which brings a rejuvenated Pete Gas back into the ring as all four fight it out.  Cade with that reverse Diamond Dust, but as he makes the cover he’s attacked by Joey Abs for the DQ, the two going at it as the show goes off air seconds later.

Decent match with strong, focused, working over of Pete Gas’ leg.  The problem is that the Kliq have not been booked strong in recent weeks and I never bought them as a threat, especially with Lance Cade involved.  Poor finish.

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