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[2001-03-23-JAPW-March Madness: Night One] The Sandman vs Jerry Todisco / The Sandman & Billy Reil & Homicide vs Da Hit Squad & Jerry Todisco


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Jerry ‘the Bull’ Todisco is a name that I don’t recognise and doesn’t mean a thing to me.  It seems strange that they’re wasting the Sandman, who won’t have come cheap, on a no-name like ‘the Bull’.  Sandman looks like he’s spent the duration of the show drinking in the back.  I know if I was in the front row I wouldn’t be cheering like these fans who seem made up that he’s spat beer on them.  This is a long ass entrance and he’s definitely pissed.  Fucking hell, Rob Feinstein is talking about masturbating.  Da Hit Squad obviously want to go home so attack Sandman in the aisle and throw him into the ring.  Along with Todisco the three of them triple team him.  ‘The Bull’ can’t even execute a decent looking elbow drop so I’ve a hunch he’s not much of a worker.  The bell rings to officially start the match, this after the Sandman has been beaten down, and Todisco immediately makes the cover.  At the count of two he’s dragged off by Billy Reil, out to help the Sandman.  The two struggle with the odds at first but eventually clear the ring and stand tall, DHS and Todisco heading back to the dressing room.

The Sandman cuts a promo on them, although Feinstein constantly talks over him so you can only make out very little of what he says.  Apparently, according to RF, the Sandman is so drunk that he thinks the referee is his wife (Sandman grabs him at one point) and they’re going to have sex in the ring.  The guy is obsessed and creepy.  Fat Frank joins them and orders Da Hit Squad & Todisco back out to face the Sandman & Reil.  As the teams square up, Homicide attacks DHS from behind, still having unfinished business from earlier in the night.  That evens things up and we have a six man on our hands.  DHS do their double press on both Cide and Reil, each time launching them into the low ceiling of the building.  After one of them Feinstein references the Ultimate Warrior, leading him to doing an Ultimate Warrior impression which consists of him snorting and nothing else.  I’m pretty confident we’re listening to the worst commentator of the year right here.  I don’t even have the heart to fully recap this.  The heels get the heat on Reil until Mack is early on the backdrop and he leapfrogs over him and hot tags the Sandman.  The Sandman canes DHS while Todisco  backs off.  He swings at him, ‘the Bull’ ducks and then Homicide turns on the Sandman, levelling him with a clothesline.  Reil is still out of it at this point so Cide and Todisco team up for a superbomb.  Todisco is about to make Homicide part of his “family” but Reil runs them out of there before they can do the initiation.

Unlistenable crap.  Feinstein is probably the only person who thinks he’s funny and seems more intent in trying to get himself over than the action he’s meant to be calling.  Another nothing Sandman match in Jersey All Pro and if we’re counting what we got here as two matches, that’s three out of four (maybe even five depending on whatever you class that altercation involving New Jack as) that have been a complete waste of time.  No doubt he’ll still keep getting booked though.

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