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[2001-03-24-JAPW-March Madness: Night Two] Mark & Jay Briscoe vs Little Dixie & Insane Dragon


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The Briscoe Brothers’ Jersey All Pro debut.  Rob Feinstein is continuing where he left off last night, wondering which one is Jack and which one is Jerry.  That wasn’t funny when John House (I think) said the same line in CZW and it’s still not funny all these months later.  A slight name change for Insane Dragon who used to go as Blue Dragon.  There’s a feeling out process as they exchange holds, first between Jay and Dixie and then between Mark and Dragon.  As Dragon looks to the crowd wanting more applause, Mark takes advantage, nailing him from behind.  Double dropkick.  Jay holds on after the snap suplex, turning it into a brainbuster and holds on a second time, hitting an inverted Roll the Dice.  He’s still playing to the fans after a hot move too much for my liking.  Dragon runs up the turnbuckles after being whipped into them, backflips over Jay and lands a bridging belly to back suplex.  Backbreaker/springboard kneedrop double team by the Briscoes.  Forward roll slam/senton/moonsault sequence, Dixie in for the save.  Dragon catches Mark with a neckbreaker but then badly overshoots a springboard somersault senton.  Mark does exactly the same before a double clothesline sees both go down.  Each makes a tag and Dixie is all over Jay.  Their partners hadn’t fully left the ring and now everyone is in there going at it.  Stereo super sunset flips by Dragon and Dixie.  After dropkicks to the front and back, Dixie stumbles through the ropes and through a table at ringside.  He’s joined on the floor by Dragon and Mark backdrops Jay over the top rope onto the pair.  We get another Jay Lethal “Super Fan” sighting, this after his appearance in the CZW crowd at the start of the year.  Orihara moonsault by Mark.  The four of them brawl towards the back of the building, Dragon and Dixie appearing to be in control.  With Dixie marshalling things on the floor, Dragon heads up high above the entrance way at the ECW Arena and comes off with an insane (sorry, at least he’s living up to his name) 450 splash!  Eric Gargiulo says “he’s going to kill him,” more like he’s going to kill himself.  That was hairy and he was so close to cracking his skull on the concrete.   He’s hurt himself anyway, badly hobbling back to the ring.  DDT.  Double jump springboard moonsault, although it was more like a headbutt with how much he overshot by.  Dixie with a roaring elbow to Jay.  He then ties his legs up as if for a Texas Cloverleaf, but instead flip over into a pin attempt which surprisingly gets them the three.

Jay looked the best of the four, but working with Dixie & Dragon shows that the Briscoes have still got someway to go.  Overall a very scrappy match with a flat finish that came out of nowhere after everything we had seen leading up to it.

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