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[2001-12-02-AJW] Manami Toyota & Yumiko Hotta vs Kaoru Ito & Momoe Nakanishi (Tag League The Best Final)

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This was the yusho for the Tag League The Best '01. Definitely not the best final in the tournament's history. It was mostly a set up for the Hotta vs. Ito cage match (a match I have zero interest in watching.) There was this long stretch where Hotta dragged Ito around Korakuen while Toyota stood on the apron. WTF? I hate the Korakuen balcony spot. Has any Joshi pro-wrestler ever been thrown off the balcony at Korakuen Hall? No? Then stop teasing it. They actually dropped a pair of scissors into the crowd from the balcony, which was as stupid as the brawling. Back in the ring, Toyota and Momoe traded some decent near falls, but Toyota and Hotta ended up winning the tournament. Really? Looks like the AJW renaissance has gone off the rails like everything else in 2001. This would have been much more interesting if it had been Momoe & partner vs. Ito & partner. Toyota and Hotta added nothing. That revisionist push about Hotta in the GWE was madness. 80s and early 90s Hotta, maybe, but she was god awful in 2001. 

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  • GSR changed the title to [2001-12-02-AJW] Manami Toyota & Yumiko Hotta vs Kaoru Ito & Momoe Nakanishi (Tag League The Best Final)

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